• Hopewell Prince George Counseling Serv
  • Hopewell Prince George Counseling Serv
    is an Alcohol Abuse Treatment Center located at 4910 Prince George Drive Prince George, VA. 23875 and can be contacted by calling 804-541-8660. Hopewell Prince George Counseling Serv offers treatment services for Alcoholism, Prescription Drug Abuse and Illicit Drug Addiction

    Treatment Services Offered: Alcohol Addiction Treatment, Outpatient Alcohol Treatment, Women, Men
    Payment Options: Payment Assistance Through Medicaid, Self Pay

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  • One third of suicides are associated with alcohol misuse.
  • The United States has adopted 0.08% as the legal limit for drinking for drivers that are aged 21 or older, but drivers that are younger than this are not allowed to operate a vehicle with any level of alcohol in their system.
  • About 43% of U. S. Adults report having grown up in a household with or married an alcoholic or a problem drinker, or had a blood relative who was diagnosed with alcoholism or who was a problem drinker.
  • There are a variety of factors that can affect the rate of intoxication and the metabolism of alcohol. No two people process alcohol at the same rate.

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