Alcohol addiction and alcoholism are serious problems that can be overlooked in Winchester, VA. Because alcohol use is so prevalent in every day circles, regular excessive use also becomes acceptable at times. It is very important to understand the difference between casual use and alcohol addiction, because alcoholism can literally kill someone and at the least destroy their health and things that are important to them.

An individual addicted to alcohol in Winchester may be trying to use alcohol as a way out of actually having to experience life and all that comes with it. It may seem easier to have a drink or two and forget about your problems for a few hours. But alcohol is a drug, and using alcohol in this manner will only cause more pain and unhappiness.

Alcohol addiction and alcoholism can cause a person to neglect their responsibilities, put themselves and others in danger because they're intoxicated, and cause problems in their relationships. Someone addicted to alcohol in Winchester, Virginia needs help before they self-destruct and destroys everything around them.

Individuals in Winchester can beat alcohol addiction and alcoholism by taking part in treatment at an Alcohol Treatment Facility. Through the course of treatment the individual can take advantage of counseling, peer support and the help of specialists who have helped even the worst alcoholics and addicts. Through treatment the person will be able to take responsibility for their actions and learn how to prevent alcohol abuse in the future.

Individuals in Winchester, VA. who have been abusing alcohol for a long time can expect to experience physical withdrawal when they do stop drinking. Alcohol rehab/detoxification at an Alcohol Addiction Rehabilitation Program will by the first step of treatment for individuals in this situation. Withdrawal is very difficult, so having this invaluable support can make it a much smoother process. The individual can then begin to dig into the real issues that are underlying his alcohol abuse.

Alcohol addiction treatment needs vary from individual to individual; Examples of treatment options available in Winchester, Virginia are Long-term Alcohol Rehabilitation Facilities, Outpatient Alcohol Addiction Rehabs, Short-term Alcohol Rehabs, Inpatient Alcohol Abuse Rehabs, support group meetings, alcohol abuse counseling, halfway houses and sober living.

Don't let alcohol addiction or alcoholism take away one more day of your life. Contact an Alcohol Rehab Program in Winchester today and discover which treatment option will work best for you or someone you care about.

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  • Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is a research-based treatment strategy that is commonly utilized in helping an individual that is struggling with an alcohol addiction; a major component that will help to determine how successful this therapy will be is expertise and empathy of the counselor that is administering the treatment.
  • Approximately 5% to 10% of male drinkers and 3% to 5% of female drinkers could be diagnosed as alcohol dependent - this means about 12 million people in the USA alone.
  • People who suffer from emotional problems, such as anxiety or depression are reported to be at a particularly high risk for alcoholism, because alcohol may be used to self-medicate.
  • According to the National Institute of Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA), it was reported that over 10% of hospital emergency room visits each year are related to alcohol use.
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